Monday, May 31, 2010

Excuses to Bump Into Neighbors I: Solar Cooking

If you have any love for the following, you'll have a blast experimenting with solar cooking: meeting neighbors, science, interesting conversation, living lightly on the planet, arts and crafts, engineering, thermodynamics, cooking and baking, cutting edge technology, common sense, saving energy, survival skills... the list goes on.

I love putting something out to cook in my solar oven and doing other things within earshot or with it in view. I notice people noticing, or I notice neighbors not noticing, and I have an innocent excuse to strike up conversation: check on my food that's cooking thanks to the sunshine!

"Would you like to see my dinner in progress?"
"Woah, check out this thermometer!"
"Your dog is curious about my ______ dish. Come look!"

Next thing you know, we're talking about alternative energy efforts they're making or considering, or about little changes they've made to live lightly, sometimes diet is the topic, other times its engineering and science. No matter what, it's much more fun and engaging to share an experience than to talk about ourselves, in my experience. I love solar cooking! ...and it's yummy too.

It's one way to meet neighbors on purpose.

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