Monday, May 31, 2010

Longing and BElonging

I asked myself the following question one day, and I have felt like I belong ever since: "In a perfect world, in which everyone's needs are met, and we all know how to stay that way, where do I live?"

...I imagined myself stirring, waking from sleep in a new place. I asked myself: what does it smell like here? how does the light on my eyelids feel? what's the temperature like? how do the sheets feel on my skin? as I get out of bed, what does the floor feel like beneath my feet? what size and shape is the room? what other activities take place in this room? where is my desk/creation station? what communication tools are present? ...and I just noticed the wordless answers - the sense of the space...

Next, I asked myself: when I open my bedroom door, how does the doorknob feel in my hand? what does my door communicate to the outside? what is just outside my door? who is there? how does our connection feel? what is just down the path? what do I do there?

...I simply soaked in the sensations that came to mind. For me, this involved coaching myself "just go with the image, it's just a dream, no need to stop, just finish the exercise" ...and I am soh. glad. I. did!

I knew from then on what kind of neighbor I longed-to-be, and being-the-longing, I found myself becoming... a neighbor on purpose!

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