Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Government As Conscience

A government is like the organ that reflects what the body (of citizens) is doing. A good government, one that keeps us happy and successful, is like an organ made to hold whatever creative tension lies between what is actually happening on the ground, and what is alive in the spirit of the people. A good government organ is able to align (not consolidate, hide, or justify, but align) where we currently ARE, with our goals, priorities, and visions. A healthy government affirms what seems to be working, reminds us of our goals of holistic functioning, and asks us, like a brain or a battery: what is the happiest way to wield the power of today's momentum, plus the potential energy generated by the tension between that, and what we know we desire?

I'm happy to say we have such a government in Seattle. At least, I reflect on the City of Seattle as having momentum in the direction of being an 'organ' in the Seattle 'body' aiming itself to be/become good, healthy, and able to hold a lot of healthy, creative tension... How do I help us see ourselves this way?

Keep on doing what I'm doing in my neighborhood...
and collaborate in this group making a white paper and presenting it before City Council on tv Septemeber 14th. My 3 minutes of fame?

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