Thursday, August 5, 2010

Engage Seattle On Purpose

Recently, the office of the Mayor of Seattle launched 'Engage Seattle', an initiative aiming to make Seattle an even better place to live by engaging us citizens in ways we find meaningful (reminds me of 'Making Common Sense' - see my earlier post)

We're invited to make common sense out of the three-fold goal to cultivate communication between citizens and officials, to encourage volunteerism, and support leaders-in-the-bud.

I notice that the goals are spelled out nicely. They make sense and communicate to my mind what the heart of the creator of the grants wanted... The goals are by necessity broken down and fractured pieces of a beautiful dream... the realization of which will inevitably encompass and bring about many more victories, since everything is connected.

I am excited to engage with this project, both for me, my city, and all of the people on a similar page/mission as Neighbors On Purpose. I have ideas on how accomplishing multiple victories can more efficiently and effectively accomplish the three described in this grant... with the same budget! I see how being Neighbors On Purpose and being Neighbors communicating On Purpose is pivotal to the realization of the goals in the grant.

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