Thursday, April 23, 2009

Facing the Future

I love these Curriculum Guides, because they help real, human, loving teachers of all age groups teach Global Sustainability, Biodiversity, the Interconnectedness of All Things, Life-Size Math, Social Responsibility, and SELF-EMPOWERMENT, all the while
- building a curriculum students love,
- getting all types of learners to engage actively,
- accounting for fulfilling requirements for testing and meeting standards, by equipping teachers to evaluate student progress with precision in a non-invasive way.

It leverages free resources and copy-write free materials to provide a rich multimedia, multiple senses ‘workshop’ feeling. It puts the student first, gives them context, and helps them know themselves better as creative, powerful people. I simply can't say enough about good things about it!

I gave a copy to a neighbor who is a teacher aligned with her purpose. Her response? Ecstatic wonderment and enthused gratitude.

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